Walk & Talk

What are Walk & Talk Sessions?
Walk & Talk is exactly what it says, instead of sitting in my office, we get out in the great outdoors.
I am able to offer sessions walking three routes around Warden Hills, dependent on physical ability, and in most open spaces around Luton, Bedfordshire.
The reason it is only most is there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration.
  • The space needs to be large enough that we are able to walk and talk without being overheard; despite being outdoors, confidentiality and privacy are still factors to be considered.
  • The space needs to be accessible and appropriate.
Your safety is of paramount concern and, as well as ensuring confidentiality, I will complete a written risk assessment for walk & talk sessions, this includes a map of the route we will take, which you will be able to access online and confirm you are happy to proceed.  This will need to be confirmed prior to the session taking place.

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