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I am registered as the Data Controller for my business with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), registration ZA753090
Throughout this notice, “process” means collect, store, transfer, use or otherwise act on information you have shared with me.
I will not share your information with a third party without your express permission, apart from situations involving the safety of yourself or others, including unlawful acts and safeguarding concerns.
Only information required by my membership organisations, National Counselling Association (NCS), National Hypnotherapy Association (HS) and my insurer Holistic Insurance for the purpose of safe practice will be collected.
It is a requirement of the NCS, HS & Holistic Insurance that all information be retained for 7 years from the end of our work together.  All information will be stored electronically on an encrypted USB stick, which is kept in a locked drawer.  I hold one USB of this type per year and wipe all data on the 1st of January seven years after the date the USB was sealed.
You have the right to see any information I have stored on you.  If you require printed copies of information, I charge 5p per side of A4 plus £3.70 to cover the cost of printing and registered postage.  We will agree an appropriate time frame for this to be completed.
You have the right to withdraw consent to data processing at any time.  The right to be forgotten can only be enacted for those who have not signed a contract for counselling or hypnotherapy services with me.
You have the right to make a complaint about my practice to NCS, HS or Holistic.
The collection of personal data forms part of my contractual requirements.  If you choose not to share the personal data requested, we will not be able to enter into a contract for counselling or hypnotherapy services and you will need to seek an alternative counsellor or hypnotherapist.
I do not use automated decision-making systems.

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