IM Counselling 
IM counselling offers the convenience of an 'instant' conversation without the inconvenience of having to find the time to make your way to my office.  It is still structured with an agreement about when contact will be.
As with face-to-face counselling, I will respond to you in a non-judgemental and empathetic manner.  
Your security is my priority and, unfortunately, IM counselling may not be suitable for you if you do not have a private space that gives you the freedom to have our interaction.  It is important you can type your message to a me without anyone else reading it and be able to give your full attention to the process. (i.e. not watching telly/children or working etc).  IM sessions are conducted through WhatsApp, which offers end to end encryption, ensuring our conversation is private; at the end of the session it will be your responsibility to delete the 'chat' or ensure it cannot be read by anyone else.

If you have any questions regarding IM counselling, please feel free to get in touch.
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