You are feeling calm and relaxed.

Hypnotherapy is a way to connect with your unconscious mind, to create the space to change habits.  If you imagine your mind is like a forest, all your habits are well trodden paths, with no weeds, no thorn bushes to get in your way.  To change a habit you have to fight your way through the undergrowth all around your forest, all the thorn bushes and weeds.  It is hard work!

Hypnotherapy is like a weed whacker, it creates an equally easy path for you to use, instead of your habit, giving you choice.  By making a commitment to change and making the choice to follow the new path, the old habit (pathway) degrades and is no longer the easiest choice. 

The Process
For many people, the concern with utilising hypnotherapy is the pop culture-held image of people being made fools of or losing control.  
You should hold in mind, you are always in control.  You can be aware throughout the whole hypnosis process, or you may just remember bits and a word here and there but, if there were an emergency or you wanted to stop the session, you would be able to wake up and walk away with no ill effects.
The power of suggestion can help you and no one can make you do anything you do not want to when you are in hypnosis.
This is why your commitment to the change you are aiming for is of vital importance.
When you are hypnotised, we are aiming for you to reach the point that feels like the moment just before you fall asleep.  This is trance and is often reported as very relaxing.

What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

exploring your past, physical symptoms, stress, anxiety, phobias, habits, being smoke-free, achieving a healthy weight, intimate relationships, reproduction

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