Would you like to talk about it?
There are times in everyone’s life when the world makes us feel, among other things, anxious, angry, or unable to cope.  You may have lost interest in activities that you previously felt passionate about; or maybe you have become so focused on small details you are missing the bigger picture.

Luckily, the saying above has a lot of truth behind it and talking really can make all the difference.
Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or unable to cope are all signs that there is something important that needs your consideration.  Putting on a brave face and ignoring your inner self trying to draw your attention to these areas is not going to make it go away.
Face-to-Face & Online Counselling
For face to face sessions, I have an office in Sundon Park in Luton, Bedfordshire.  There is off road parking and I stagger my appointments to ensure clients can come and go without having to hang around for me to finish a session or being seen by other clients.
Walk & Talk sessions take place in agreed open spaces.
Telephone sessions are conducted via landline or mobile.
For online counselling, I use Sessions from Psychology Today as it is end to end encrypted and can be accessed via a link which will be sent to you.  Unlike face to face sessions, the onus is on the client to ensure they are in a safe and private space for online sessions.  I never record the sessions and it is assumed my clients do not either.
By blending therapeutic approaches, primarily, Humanistic, Psychodynamic and CBT, I am able to offer a truly person-centred approach, which will support you in moving forward with your life.  We will move at your pace and only discuss what you want to talk about.  My practice is open, safe, and non-judgemental.
What can counselling help with?
Stress, anxiety, self-defeating behaviours, relationships, loss, bereavement, motivation, creativity, anger issues, personal growth
If you would like to arrange an initial contact session, please get in touch via the details on my contact page

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