Face-to-Face Counselling

Most people would expect to meet their counsellor in an office and consider this to be the ‘traditional’ method for counselling; face to face is the most common way for me to see clients.

This form of counselling takes place in real time and, while building rapport and a positive working relationship, the client and counsellor are able utilise all their senses, silences are often more comfortable and non-verbal communication is easier to notice and consider.  Face to face counselling is often a more comfortable space for clients.

When traveling to and from the session the client could use the journey to session to think about what they want to talk about and the journey home to reflect on what has been said in the session.

By visiting a counsellor, the client is assured of a safe space to discuss their concerns and worries, away from a potentially difficult situation, as well as the guarantee of not going to be overheard.

Recent studies have suggested that being in the physical presence of someone who is focused on you can enhance positive hormones in the body, thereby supporting the therapeutic process by enabling the client to develop and maintain a sense of calm, achievement, and regulation.

My office is in Sundon Park in Luton, Bedfordshire.  There is off road parking, and I stagger my appointments to ensure clients can come and go without having to wait for me to finish a session and have the privacy of not being seen by other clients.  Unlike Freud, in my office we sit facing each other, there is no chaise lounge, sofa or bed

If you have any questions regarding face-to-face counselling, please feel free to get in touch.

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