Core Values


The Core Values of Happy Hatching Mind

In line with the Code of Ethical Practice from the National Counselling Society, the fundamental principles of Happy Hatching Mind are:

  • To work towards the good of my client and endeavour to do no harm; my clients welfare is central to my work (Beneficence & Non-maleficence)
  • To be trustworthy and responsible by acting in a respectful, professional and ethical manner (Fidelity)
  • To respect the dignity and rights of my clients to self-determine and make their own lawful decisions (Autonomy)
  • To be non-judgmental and aware of my own experience-based judgements and taking precautions to be not restricted by my prejudice or limitations of experience by discussing any concerns I have during supervision (Justice)
  • To work as honestly, truthfully and accurately as possible, I take responsibility for looking after my own needs and health (Integrity & Self-responsibility)

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