Anti-Discriminatory Statement

By having regard for this statement in my work, I aim to reduce discrimination and positively benefit those with protected characteristics.

All clients of Happy Hatching Mind are treated with equal consideration, where possible, reasonable adjustments are made to facilitate the therapeutic process, and all sessions are tailored to my client's needs. 

Access to counselling or hypnotherapy services through Happy Hatching Mind are available regardless of a client's age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion & belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

The only exceptions in terms of Happy Hatching Mind are as follows:
  • I do not speak any languages other than English
  • My office is situated on the first floor and is not accessible to those who are unable use a stair lift or mobilise
Although I know my client is the expert in their life and experiences, I will not rely on them to teach me specifics about any protected characteristics they identify as experiencing.  If I feel there are any characteristics that require a deeper understanding, I will endeavour to educate myself through reading appropriate articles and books, research on the internet and discussions with those I know who share the characteristic.

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